Dad’s day out…

For those of you that know my Dad, you know that it is a rare phenomenon that he takes a day off of work, any day for that matter, let alone a week day.  I am a self-proclaimed work-a-holic, however my Dad is one also, but with capital letters and to the extreme.  Another mission accomplished !  I guess cancer has some pull…. I am so proud of Dad, he closed the shop yesterday and spent the day with me.  I honestly think that the last time he would have closed up on a week day was maybe 30 years ago when I was 10 years old and the entire family went up north in the Muskoka area (Doe Lake) and went camping for a week at my Aunt Sue’s cottage.  Good time that I will always treasure and never forget.  (a back to basics camp where your daily shower is in the lake with a bar of soap because there was no running water or hydro, just you and the black flies)

First I borrowed my brothers extra large Chev pick up and headed to Blenheim to pick up Dad.  Our goal for the day was a trip to the greenhouses in Leamington & Kingsville and to fill the back of the truck with beautiful flowers for our gardens, hanging baskets and I was looking for a banana tree plant to put by the pool.  Thank you to my family and friends that gifted me cash for birthday gifts, this is where it was spent.  I love to garden and make the yard colourful and manicured. (Dad shares this passion)  This was great medicine for both of us.  Although it exhausts me (even before cancer made an appearance), I absolutely love being outside and working in the dirt.  Rick is not allowed to touch my lawn mower!  He pretty much stays away from it (he does the cooking, nice trade off), but the first time he touches my mower, I will have it painted pink…. I bet no one will touch it after that !  You wait ladies, if you see a pink lawn mower in any retail store, you will think of me now!  Just reminder I had the idea first !

We filled up the truck and then shared lunch outside on a picnic table and headed home.  It was a beautiful sunny day and it sure was nice to spend some quality time with Dad.  I have to say that I enjoyed driving Davey’s truck.   It’s big and black (my favourite colour) and I basically need a step stool to hop up in it.  The engine has a nice roar and rumble to it when you accelerate and for some strange reason it made me feel strong. ( I wouldn’t let Dad drive )  Perhaps I think too deep into things, but every time my foot went heavier on the accelerator,  I pretended in my head that I was roaring the crap out of the things that get me down from time to time.  I felt like a big girl, in a big girl truck and nothing could get in my way, plus I had my Dad along with me for the ride !   We travelled along Hwy 3, along Lake Erie and critiquing and getting ideas from the houses we saw along he way that had extradorinary landscaping. 

Today is June 1st….. which means I have 20 days left of summer fun before I become  a “patient” again. 

Surgery date is coming up faster than I want, and I am trying to cram in the things that I want to do before that time comes and I am forced to slow down again.    Ughhh.  

I must mention again at how amazing & wonderful that Rick is to me.   He drew up plans and created an outdoor bed oasis for me.  Our friend Jim took Rick’s design and built a bed for outside pool-side.  It is double wide (room for two) and is constructed out of bamboo poles and it even has thatch grass for a bed skirt.  It is so tropical and paradise-like.  The head rests go from totally flat for sleeping to sitting up for reading.  Rick knows that laying around cooped up inside the house on the couch or in bed would absolutely kill my spirit while recovering from surgery, so now I will be able to rest outside along with the birds chirping and the sunshine, enjoying my garden, etc, etc.  We are having a nice comfy cushion made for it.   Rick & Jim also conspired to build a thatch palapa umbrella beside the new bed so I will be shaded.  All I can say is that it takes my breath away when I look at it and I will never forget how truly lucky I am to have such a wonderful guy in my life.  Who needs a husband when you have Rick? 

Oh yeah… I guess I should update you on how I have been feeling lately… it’s probably why you visited my blog. Sorry about that.  I have been too busy to think about cancer crap and I would rather share my recent experiences and fun stuff with you.   I am now on week 5 of being chemo-free while I am preparing my immune system to go into surgery.  I have been feeling really good, surprisingly good.  I am happy to report that I do not feel like a cancer patient.  The only thing that slows me down is pain in my joints and muscles from the pelvis down.  My feet ache like crazy, and the pain is on the top of my feet under my toes.  My calfs and knees ache and it’s worse if I sit down and relax so I keep in Karrie-mode and keep on moving !   I thought maybe the pains might be the after effects of chemo (because it’s some nasty poisonous stuff), but I have done some research on the internet and have learned that blood thinner meds can actually cause blood clots in people with underlying diseases such as cancer.  Pain in the feet and legs are symptoms of blood clots.   I am currently on a daily blood thinner pill to treat blood clots in my arm pit and upper arm that developed after the surgical procedure when the port-a-cath was embedded inside my chest in order to administer the chemo cocktails every other week.   I keep hearing in my head a statement made to me by Dr. Mahoney (my first surgeon)… he told me that I have to learn to complain more when I have “hurts” and that I don’t have to tough things out.   So I am going to behave and follow doc’s orders….. I  have contacted my hematologist (blood doc) to see if he can arrange to get an ultrasound done on my legs and feet.  I want to know if there are more blood clots…. this concerns me about heading into surgery with them.  I will keep you all posted.

Thanks for visiting my blog today and for thinking about me.   Hugs !!!    Karrie