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Team “Anti-Cancer”…

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

At this moment I am thinking about a friend of mine who is being pro-active about his own health.  I am very proud of him.  He is taking one for the team tomorrow.  The “anti-cancer” team !  He is doing the prep work today to prepare for his colonscopy tomorrow.  The most important thing is when the test results come back “clear”, at least both he and his doctor will have a base line record for future reference if needed.  It may sound strange, but knowing that he is going for the scope, actually empowers me.  It makes me think that perhaps my situation will influence others to take a stand for their health and not take things for granted.  We all have to remember that our tomorrows are not promised.  Are you going to do something about your health?  Something to think about, maybe it’s your turn to take one for the team !  We all need to stop making excuses… me included.    🙂Cancer sucks

Delayed letter writing…

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Dear Cancer,

I have been meaning to write you another letter, however I am too busy doing everything you hate in order to sit down to put some thoughts on paper.   Don’t you worry, the letter will come, but I’m choosing my words carefully and to be honest, you are on the bottom of my priority list.  My health, both physically and mentally are at the top of my priority list.  Although I think of you almost every minute of every day, these thoughts are not of missing you or wondering how you are doing, so when I feel like I want to “communicate” with you again, I will write that letter.   Just want to let you know that I certainly have not forgotten about you, the constant pain in my abdomen stops me from doing so.  Thanks for that by the way, but you still aren’t going to stop me.Karrie May 13 2010 e

It’s about time…

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Well, I have to say it’s about time….. I have not forgotten what life was like before cancer arrived 9 months ago and finally this week I have been able to actual live that life again, just modified a bit.   I’m sure things will never go back to my old kind of “normal”, but that’s okay with me.   “L I F E”   IS ABOUT CHANGE, REGROWTH AND NEW BEGINNINGS !  I am so ready, even though I will always feel like I am sleeping with one eye open and continually looking over my shoulder, but I am so prepared, I will do whatever it takes to prove that statistics do not apply to all of us !