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Living with cancer…

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Living with cancer…… is like seeing your world through a black & white lens…. some moments and some days surprise you with a lot of colour, but most days are a whole lot of grey… the unknown.   

While I was doing some housework this morning, as I walked into the dining room, I saw the neatest thing.  A rainbow inside the house, appeared on the ceiling.  It only lasted a few minutes, so it’s strange that I happened to walk into that area at that given time.  I’m sure it’s because the sun just happened to hit the glass light over the glass table at just the right angle, but nonetheless it was a rainbow.  Cool.  Now if only I can find that pot of gold.  Time to do some dusting, maybe it will appear to.    I know I’m strange, but who likes doing housework?  I am trying to have some fun here.  Maybe it’s time to turn up the stereo and finish up my work and stop thinking so much.   ps.  I took a picture of the rainbow so that when I tell Rick about it later he won’t acuse me of fried brain cells from the chemo.  I blame a lot of silly things I do now on the chemo, it seems to be working for me  (giggle insert here) 🙂

An interesting article…

Friday, September 10th, 2010

This is an interesting article that I saw via Facebook this morning that I would like to share.

Healing the person vs. Killing the disease

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