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Scanxiety not over…

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010
Yesterday was the day I was supposed to hear the results from last week’s CAT scan.
Here’s the scoop after the trip (3rd time this week to London for cancer crap)
Had some usual bloodwork done & weighed, and then sent to a room to wait for my oncologist.   First a young man, medical student came in asked a few questions, asked me to get on the exam table and he checked out my abdomen to check out incision, etc.  and then he asked me to sit up so he could listen to my breathing….. what I thought was wierd that he was examining my throat and back too.  He kept asking me if I had any pain between my shoulder blade area and lower neck…. I said nope (but this got me worrying…. uggh)
Dr Mackenzie came in and asked me how I was doing…. I told her I have been on pins & needles with scanxiety results.  She says….. “well this is going to make it even more difficult to tell you this”….. so immediately I am thinking… oh f**k, she is going to tell me that I am toast, game over.
This is what she says…. “I am sorry but the expert tech hasn’t had an opportunity to see your scans yet…. “…… I immediately start to breathe again.  Phew…   She did say however that she was concerned about metastatis to my lungs, and from what she could see, my lungs are clear… Phew…. dodged another bullet….. (however she is not the expert in reading the scans, but I’m sure she has seen enough of them in her career to make a pretty darn good judgement call)…. she also said that she saw an area in my upper back/lower neck that she “speculates” is just arthritis…. but she asked if I would go to the x-ray dept before we headed home for Chatham, so off I went and got that taken care of.  She has also booked me for another bone scan to check this area that way too….. great, more radioactive injections, my insides must be glowing !   I am concerned, because I had a bone scan just shortly before my liver surgery and all was clear at that time, so I was told.  So the bone scan is booked for the first week of  November, not too long away.     ps…. she said my liver has regenerated quite nicely, pretty close to it’s original size !   Yippee !!!     She said this doesn’t always happen, so I will take that as a good sign. At least if I have to have any future tumours removed from the liver, the surgeon will have some “material” to work with, right?
I will find out the results of last week’s CT scan this coming Tuesday…..
… will keep you posted.
ps.   I had lunch with Rick’s Mom last week at the retirement lodge…. she says to me… “Oh Karrie, we had the best lunch yesterday”….liver & onions…. I gagged…. she didn’t quite understand why I was giving her a disgusted look…. so I said…. “you do know that’s what they removed from me right?  And you ate it…. gross !”….. she said that liver is very good for you….. let’s just say, I will take her word for it.   I always thought it was one of the most disgusting things on the planet to eat when I was a kid…. and now as an adult, my opinion hasn’t changed… I’m just sayin’ ! 
Oh well, at least I can laugh about it.