Five Year Warranty…

So this is what cancer does to you (me).  I can’t speak for anyone else, but I would assume experiences and thoughts would be quite similar.   You see, not one day can goes by that I am not reminded of the dreaded “C” word.

On the weekend I splurged again.  Retail therapy trumps hugs (this is unfortunate but I am being truthful) while I am trying to calm my nerves dealing with the wait game until I hear the scan results.   I finally gave in and bought myself a Dyson vacuum cleaner.  I love it, and I have to admit that I was actually looking forward to “playing” with it yesterday.

Who looks forward to vacuuming?  I know, I shake my head at myself too.   Anyway, so I am putting the unit together and reading the instructions (I suck at tasks like this) and I managed to do it all by myself without any “second opinions”.  Score one for me.  Yippee.  Well then I see the warranty card stuff.   Five year warranty… awesome.   So instead of being excited about my new toy, and the nice warranty, this is what I think. 

“I wonder if I will expire before the f**kin’ warranty does?”   Before you think I’m crazy, you must agree that it’s a legitimate question, come on now…… Ugghh !   I can’t be beat by a vacuum!  In a way I found this humourous….. really, if you think about it…… what would my obituary read like?

Karrie A. Roy….. survived by parents, brother, sister, aunts, uncles, 1 nephew, 3 nieces…. and her Dyson vacuum !