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Breathing much easier…

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

I finally got my phone call !  Had a nice chat with my oncologist and she is quite pleased with the CT scan results.  I would like to think that hard work does pay off.  Two surgeries, chemo, and all the other stuff that we did for the past 10 months has given me a little sense of relief.  I say little, because cancer is not predictable and circumstances can change quickly, so let’s just say I am breathing much easier.  She noted that the area on my upper spine is still questionable, so the bone scan next week should answer this inquiry, she mentioned also that a small cyst was found on one of my ovaries which she said is common in 40 yr old women and not to be alarmed by it…. but how can I not be?  I am thinking, yank those too… then cancer will get tired of taking the detour routes with me and just give up.   So my new plan of action in this trip in cancer-land is to start bringing the physical me back.  My hair is starting to come in thicker, it’s very short, has more gray than I realized and it’s very curly.  Mom loves the curls… just like when I was little, she says.   Also, if this bone scan comes back with ok news…. then surgery #3 will be booked for late Jan or early Feb, to do a colostomy reversal.  This is another major operation, but I will certainly look forward to the end result of this one.  Having a colostomy really hasn’t been that bad, I have learned how to creatively camouflage it and I have to admit that at times, it can be rather convenient.  All kidding aside, it will be nice to have my body looking the way it is supposed to.  I don’t care about scars, those are just souvenirs from the biggest roller coaster ride I will ever be on.  They aren’t nice souvenirs, but they sure give me a daily reminder of how precious life is and not to take advantage of it anymore.   The remainder of my life, no matter how many months or years I have will always consist of check ups, scans, bloodwork, etc, etc.    I call it the maintenance package and I am okay with it.