It’s time again…

to write another letter, a short one this time.  Things come to my mind at the strangest of times without invitation.

I enjoy life unscripted and unplanned but I don’t like these moments of cancer awareness.   

My 7 yr old niece Caelan and I are currently watching the “Cool Dog” movie at my place, girl time, sleepover and this popped in my head, better write it down and get it off my chest so I can enjoy the rest of my evening and kiddie fix.

Dear Cancer,

You have changed me inside and out.  Literally.  My physical appearance will never be the same, my internal organs will never be the same, and my mental status will never be the same.  Some of it I can embrace it (embrace rather than thank) you for, some of it… I cannot. 

Forgive and forget is not part of my future…. so buzz off, I’m trying to enjoy a movie. 

Quit crashing my party. 

No one here likes you.



you know who…….. the bitch that won’t give up.