Enjoy the summer…

Some more happy news…. met with my surgeon this week (the one that did the two bowel surgeries).  He says to me “it sure feels good when we come across patients like you who respond so well to treatment, make the necessary life changes needed no matter how difficult they are and stick to it, and handle surgeries and recoveries so good…  You are a pleasure to see each visit.  We all need assurance from time to time that we are doing things right, even us doctors.”

Exhale !!!   God that was soooooo great to hear and the icing on the cake is that he doesn’t need to see me until 6 months from now.  Yes, do the math… that means Jan 2012, a new year.  So I am going to enjoy my summer until the next CT scan in September when I have to take time out from life for a day to deal with this  stalker that I live with, this cancer beast.

So you might be asking why a surgeon still needs to see me for follow ups?  Well, a couple of reasons… one is simply because my abdomen has been worked on so much that I am very prone to hernias now so we are keeping a close eye and the other reason is that it’s my surgeon who will perform my very first colonscopy when the time is right.  He intially thought he would do one this September, but he says no he wants to wait it out a bit and give my body a break.  There is nothing waving any red flags for problems right now so we are going to wait it out.   As far as the fluid pockets deep inside my pelvic region, he says they should absorb on their own and he doesn’t want to asperate them.  Good.

I can’t tell you how incredibly lucky I feel on a daily basis!!!