Radiation day one

It went well. Surprisingly it was one of the easier things I have experienced. No real side effects to mention as of yet. Just felt a little nauseated on the way home which might have been just motion sickness in the car for the hour’s drive home. The machine was quite elaborate and interesting and I kept my eyes open all the time. I kept my mind and my breathing in complete control. I visioned what the radiation was doing to the tumour and I also created a safety blanket inside my head that protected the healthy surrounding tissues. I am determined to conquer this battle. Rick and I joined our friends Kevin & Carol for lunch after my work was done at Save My Ass Inc. We shared our Christmas holiday experiences, had a yummy salad, of course lots of laughter was involved and our visit concluded with hugs. (my kind of medicine) I will go back again in 2 days for treatment number 2 which is scheduled for the last day of this fighting year Dec 31, 2012.