Self reflection time…

Photo taken Jan 8, 2013, just before heading into the room for my second last radiation treatment.  Note, my eyebrows are starting to come back, but my inner glow is struggling to appear on the outside.  I’ve got work to do.  Tired of looking tired and geez I sure hate that blue outfit, it doesn’t look good on anyone!  I picture myself in a nice black one (my signature colour) with bling on it and everyone I love has signed it so that cancer can see what it’s up against.  This chick comes with a possey!  (spelling?)




 First day of chemotherapy, April 2012. 

This is going to be hell.  It’s only April and I have to do this until November?

Mom went with me for the first treatment.

Rick says to her… “What the hell, I leave her on your watch for a day and you bring her back broken!”

Humour will get us all through this. Especially me.

Notice the red cheeks?  That is what chemical toxic warfare looks like.  You don’t want to know what it feels like or smells like.

What is on my chest?  The chemotherapy pump.  The bottle is laying on me, but usually it is kept in a fanny pouch around my waist.  This drug is infused into me via grafity feed over a 46 hour period.  It is fed through the chest port (square needle covered with clear bandage) to the right of this picture.  Note this drug is one of 5 drugs I receive for each round of treatment.  The other 4 drugs are given to me intravenously at the cancer clinic before hand and then I come home with the pump.  I also am given several other drugs, such as steroids, anti-nausea x3 types, benadryl to combat the allergy to one of the drugs, to name a few.  A home care nurse visits me on day 3 to disconnect the pump and check for vitals, etc.

  Don’t let the above photos affect you negatively.  It’s part of the whole conquer and destroy equation.  This is what I did in the summer in the middle of chemo.  Why?  Because I wanted to and it was a feel good day.  My kind of medicine!  This day was also filled with jet ski ride, laughter with Rick and friends and wine & smores by a camp fire before bed.  Thank you to the Beute family friends for the memory.