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Just show up…

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Yes I do admit that this “job” of mine is very difficult on a daily basis. Saving my ass in a physical sense is just simply getting out of bed on the tough days and getting dressed out of pyjamas would be considered dressing up to go to an interview, then there is the mental part of the project. Escaping into the lives of those people acting on television is much easier than being motivated to smile or see the light in my own life.  When I was a student, in primary, secondary and in college, my teachers always rewarded & commented on my perfect attendance. Once I started working out in the real world, again perfect attendance. Even if I felt ill, I would show up to work even if i had to drag my ass all day.  my co-workers & employers depended on me and I have never been one to let anyone down intentionally. Now I realize that that worth ethic and serious devotion to my jobs prepared me for this seriously tough job I have at Save My Ass. I will continue to show up to work every day, over-time is never declined and the benefits far out weigh the dreaded difficult tasks I get presented with sometimes. I plan to have perfect attendance here to and to give my very best effort each and every day until I am no longer needed here and I have to move on to the next phase of continued growth and enlightenment.   Self employment is the toughest type of job out there. You have only yourself to depend on for your livelihood, but a good entrepreneur learns very quickly that if you surround yourself with other qualified professionals, that know what they’re doing and can mentor you when needed, your security in the future will not be compromised. Just show up for work every day, it’s the only thing I know I can count on myself to do. The pay is worth it.