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December 14, 2013…

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

I awoke this morning pinching myself, making sure it stung a bit to confirm that yes I am alive.

Today, December 14, 2013 marks my 4th year of survivorship!!!!

I have so much to celebrate! Let me start by stating that I have survived double the prognosed life expectancy (according to statistics, ughh, I dislike that word).

I made a conscience decision 4 years ago (365 x 4 = 1,460 days ago), still under the effects of anesthesia, that I would dig deep into my very core and summon every bit of stubbornness, strength, wisdom, love, devotion, zest for life and sheer determination to will myself to live.


I believe it’s time that I write a little letter to the most important person in this journey.


Here goes, I’m all in.


Inhale…. Hold, one, two, three…….and EXHALE…


Dear Self,

What have you learned in these past 4 years?

You could focus on all of the extremely difficult things, but not today, not in this moment.

Give your fighting self a break.  Share what matters most.

Share that you have learned that self love is not an act of vanity.

Share with others that not only do you like yourself, but that you LOVE yourself.

Share that you are proud of everything you are and are not.

Share that you have embraced all of your strengths and weaknesses because they are all a part of you.

Share that despite all the hardships and pain, that you actually feel very light.

Share that you feel your soul shines so bright that you can not only feel your inner peace but that you can see it with your very own eyes!

Remind yourself that daily praise is good medicine and that being happy each and every day is even better medicine.

Feel no shame in asking your guardian angels with your outside voice to continue to guide you on this path and trust that this journey was given to you for many reasons, for great reasons.

So much light and love surrounds you like the universe is hugging you, and although you struggle at times by asking yourself why, stop scratching your head with wonder and just accept it as a gift. Come to terms with realizing that, yes, you do deserve it, and continue to embrace all of the random acts of kindness that present themselves to you on a daily basis.

Live each of your seconds, minutes, hours, day, weeks, months and years with  complete grace and respect.

I am so proud of you, my sweet friend.

I love you.