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We Celebrate Life…

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

Today Karen and I spent lunch time together.  We do not know each other very well, but we don’t have to.  Our conversation was full of life, very little complaints, just learning and growing with each other and sharing ourselves.  We first met in 2010.  We were both models…. yes, I said models, in a fashion show.  A yearly show our local Canadian Cancer Society puts on as a fundraiser and a tribute to survivors and fighters.  I love the title “Celebrate Life”.  All of the models are cancer survivors.  It was a great experience and we participated 2 years in a row.  It was such an accomplishment to actually be an audience member at last year’s event to cheer on the new models and celebrate our own health and healing journeys.

Karen and I are fighting different cancers, but the experience is much the same.  We do what we can to survive and thrive, to make the most of each day and to depend on our inner Dr. Feelgood to seek out and learn new ways to nutritionally support ourselves.  I believe we both learned from each other today.  I know I did for sure.

Just like myself, Karen’s cancer has returned.  We are both in limbo between testing and scans to see what comes next as far as treatment.  What I saw today was two happy ladies and a survivor sisterhood with an underlying mutual respect for each other.  We really care about what each other is enduring and we both know that we will make ourselves available to each other whenever needed.

I love gift giving, so I wrapped up a small angel pin (Healing Angel) for Karen along with a card, that stated…”When in doubt, Twirl”.  It gives me great pleasure to be the reason why a smile would appear on someone’s face and really, a hug is the greatest reward!  A sharing of each other’s energy, truly the best medicine!

It was also nice to share our moment with our waitress who agreed to take our photo.  She loved the sign and the message we were sharing.



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