Word of the day… “scanxiety”, which I am borrowing from my friend Dana who is also on a journey in cancer land. This words pretty sums up my current feelings.

Last week was a week of cancer.

Monday – follow up CT scan to see if chemo is making any progress on the 4 spots in my liver

Tue/Wed/Thu – chemo cycle # 4 of 12

Sunday – bone scan to see if cancer has spread to my bones (I asked for this test, it was not offered to me, but I have to know the big picture to see exactly what I am or am not up against as my grandfather lost his battle with bone cancer so I am curious that is all)

Both tests are non-invasive, if you have never experienced either one of these tests, they are no issue at all, as long as you don’t mind needles, don’t mind drinking a special cocktail, and are not claustrophobic. I had no problems, thanks to many past cat naps in the tanning bed. The nurse just injects you with “stuff” so you light up in the machines. No biggie. The hard part is the wait & see. I will likely get the results on Mar 30 when I meet with my oncologist again. Hoping for progress with chemo, but it may still be too early to determine progress just yet. Should I worry or not? I am not going to worry, just will anxiously wait instead and hope for the best.

This week I am free….

So while I am dealing with scanxiety, I am looking forward to this week which I am calling cancer-free week….. no appointments, just normal life… yes! My Dad will be celebrating his 67th birthday, so a family dinner is on the “want to-do list”. I look forward to family get togethers and really enjoy spending time with everyone, especially the little guys, my 1 nephew Austin, and 3 nieces, Caelan, Brooklyn & Kennedy. I have special little places in my heart just for them.

My Relay for Life job, my “Earth Angels 1” team is doing great !

I reached my goal of 5 teams which I am so thankful for and excited about, and I received a verbal confirmation that team #6 is in the works.

Here’s to a great week ahead !!!

Hugs, Karrie