Results are in… (Mar 30, 2010)

SCAN RESULTS ARE IN….  (Mar 30, 2010)
Dear Family & Friends:
Here’s the latest update for ya….. 
1.  Bone scan all clear, it showed sign of previous trauma to my right shoulder (which I have no idea what from, can’t remember what I ever did to it), but it’s not cancer so I’m not concerned about it.
2.  Tiny bit of good news about the CT scan which I am very grateful for and think it’s all the prayers and stuff that’s helping, but I am not getting too excited just yet…. tumour 1 & 2 have shrunk “a bit” (just after 3 chemo treatments) which is good, however tumour 3 hasn’t changed and the 4th spot is still questionable as to whether is it cancer or not.  My oncologist  has referred me to a liver surgeon specialist at another hospital in London.  He will call me for a consultation appt within a month to see if surgery is even an option.  Until I know whether he can operate I am not going to get too excited, cuz as strange as it sounds it’s easier for me to expect the worse and hope for the best…. I hate let-downs if you know what I mean, I would rather be pleasantly surprised, so I am optimistic and realistic at the same time.  Will just keep up with the chemo and healthy eating and keep pluggin’ away at it, and if it turns out that surgery isn’t an option we will deal with it at that time.  I am told it is another major surgery with a 2 week stay in the hospital plus 6 weeks recovery.  If the doctor thinks he can do it and buy me more time by doing so, then he can cut me open as many times as he wishes.  I am not afraid of surgery, pain is something that I can handle and I am not worried at all. 
Today Wed Mar 31 is day 2 of chemo treatment #5 and I have made up a new word to describe it.  “Punky”  (pukey & funky)
No getting sick but just feels like I might so I am drinking lots of fluids & eating small snacks to keep my tummy content and I plan on getting lots of Vitamin D from the sunshine this week that we expect plus the warm weather and bare feet out on the back deck should make me feel much better.  Not much sleep on day 1 of chemo, so thought I would take advantage of the 3:00 a.m. quiet hour and write you all a note.  I have no idea of why I am not tired.  As soon as Nurse Vanessa comes to the house on Thurs to disconnect the “chemo to go” the “punky” feelings will go away and then it’s life as usual !
If I don’t speak to you before Easter, I hope you have a great weekend and thank you all for your love, support and prayers.
I pray for you all also, it’s my way of helping you all cope with this crap that we have been dealt.
Love you all very much.
Karrie  xo