Message worth sharing…

Well today, May 9 (also Mother’s Day) is my big 40th birthday.  Before diagnosis, I have to admit I was pretty upset that I was going to be 40 this year and technically my life was half over. (if we are lucky enough to live into our 80’s)  Well since diagnosis that way of thinking no longer applies, as life is in “fast forward” now and I’m living each day as if it may be my last of good health.  I have realized many things, but the most important two that stick with me daily are simple.

1.  Not one person has an expiration date on their foot when we are born.  (message borrowed from my friend Dana also battling cancer at age 39)

2.  As ugly as cancer is, it sure brings out the best in people. 

I have to express my deepest thanks to Rick, my guy, my best friend, my rock, my everything…. for organizing an absolute total amazing surprise birthday party for me last night at the Retro Suites here in Chatham.  He has been under so much stress adjusting to work without me and he sure planned a “perfect” party.  Last count of total people in attendance was approximately 160.  I knew each and every person and my main priority was to hug and greet every single person.  Mission accomplished !! This was kind of selfish on my part because little did you all know, but I was sucking the positive energy out of you all.  Hugging is my best medicine and boy did I overdose last night, but no hangover from hugs, and I am still smiling and running on adrenaline today with only a few hours of sleep last night.

Our original plan was to go away to somewhere warm and tropical with waves and white sand, but Rick brought paradise to me instead.  I will always reflect on this night and smile with great pride that I am loved by so many people.

I have spent most of the afternoon today opening gifts, reading birthday greeting cards, smelling the wonderful colourful flowers of several bouqeuts in my dining room, sun shining through my window and birds are chirping, my dog C.J. is snoring and Rick is napping too.  At one moment I am grinning ear to ear in my quiet little solice this afternoon and feeling totally blessed and then I immediately think of those who do not have people in their life and are lonely.   I am starting to sniffle, my chin is quivering a bit and I can’t seem to distinguish if these are tears of happiness or sadness.  (maybe both ?)

Of all the greeting cards I have read today, I want to share a message from one that touched me deeply.



All of you are what give me the drive, courage, determination, strength and positive attitude to move this mountain I face each and every second.  All I can say is “thank you”.

Love, hugs and peace !