A day with Mom…

Yesterday June 1st was the first of several medical appointments to prepare for upcoming surgery.

Mom picked me up in the a.m. and we headed to London….. I drove her car and chauffered her around even though she was “babysitting” me.  LOL !!   I am beginning to think I am more of a control freak than I originally thought.  Guess I am literally handling life in the driver’s seat lately.   Yesterday was a basic ultrasound appointment that my hematologist had ordered.  He wants to check on the blood clots in my upper arm/armpit/chest region.  The clots in my arm have succesfully cleared up.. Yeah !!   However I was a bit worried because the technician that worked on me first, left the room because she wanted a second opinion and another pair of eyes to look at what she was seeing on the screen.  They were concentrating on the area at the bottom of my neck and collar bone region on the right side.  They didn’t see any clots but visually saw quite a highway of vessels that they don’t normally see, they think it’s because of the port-a-cath and the tube and scar tissue etc.  They said I was very muscular and sometimes that dissorts the images of the veins.  Me? Muscular?  I thought I was just “fluffy”.  The techs also said that if I wasn’t tanned, I would have quite the road map of blue viens in my chest area.  So I will continue my vitamin D therapy in the gardens :)  Guess I am doing something right.   I left the appointment feeling good… (pretended I was in a massage parlour with handsome guy with big strong hands every time they pushed the wand into my chest) the techs said that I am doing better in the clotting department, not worse.  Poor Mom, my worry wort, was patiently waiting for me in the waiting area.  Normally ultrasounds take approx. 15 minutes…. they worked on my for an hour.  She said she was ready to pounce on the next nurse she saw.  Oh boy… what is she going to be like when surgery day arrives?

I keep telling her that I am a big girl and I can handle things.  I keep joking with her that as long as I wake up from surgery I can handle the rest.  I am lucky to have a great Mom that loves me so much, I just wish she wouldn’t stress out.  Nothing I can do in that department to help her, other than grab an ice cream cone for the long drive home and talk it out.

We missed lunch so we had an early dinner out.   The best part of the day was the wig shop.  I purchased 2 wigs in Kansas City when I visited with my friend Kim, they are both brunette… my “real” colour.  I am on a mission to find a blonde one yet….(I miss my blonde curly hair)  they all look too fake and I’m not having much luck.  Here’s the fun part….. Mom and I went into a change room together, she decided she wanted to try on some new hair-do’s too.   Oh my gosh…. we laughed so hard, at time uncontrollably.  Let’s just say that Mom had wet pants.  Poor thing.  I don’t know if we were laughing at her or laughing at me, or both.  The wigs looked beautiful on the styrofoam heads, but once they reached our heads, not such a pretty site.  I wish I had my camera with me.   Although it was an embarassing moment for Mom, losing all control…. it was sooo worth the laughter.  She is such a trooper and I just love her.  Just as I would, she just chalked it up to good fun.  The wig shop kept all their hair-do’s, an unsuccesful modelling session for both of us, but great entertainment.  Needless to say that was the end of our day in London, I played chauffeur again and drove us home in her car.   Sorry to embarass you Mom by sharing this story, but I did warn you that I would !   I am sure those that are reading this are grinning and sharing your “oops” and it’s my mission to make those in my life happy…. hopefuly we created a few smiles with this posting.

Hugs, Kar  xo