Isn’t that just ducky…

I have some new pets.  Two of them.  They don’t know I have adopted them.

Meet Mr and Mrs Mallard Ducky.  I don’t know if they are dating or married, or maybe just happily “un-married” like two other people I know very well?  (LOL !)

They have been enjoying the pool lately. 

They are beautiful to watch.  Mister is getting quite confident lately.

He is not bothered by my golden retriever C.J.  any more.

When C.J. and I come outside, Mister just hangs around and keeps on sunning his buns or swimming along like he owns the place!   It’s okay by me…. I take it as a compliment.  I work very hard in my backyard retreat, so if he thinks it’s a comfortable setting to bring his best girl for a date,  I can certainly share.  The bunnies like to eat some of my flowers and the squirrels re-plant my plant bulbs in different areas every year, so if I can share with them, then Mister & Missy are quite welcome to join in also.  “Mr. C” …. my resident Cardinal is loudly chirping calling for his mate at the moment, and yep, I am thinking to myself…. I miss Rick.  He has been working so hard and really long hours.  I wish he was here right now sharing this serene moment with me, doing absolutely nothing but hanging out in the yard, stress free.   Life isn’t fair.

Well, quiet time is over, if Rick is working than I am too….  I am picking myself up and going to get busy around the house & yard and make myself useful.Karrie May 13 2010 d