Life in the fast lane…

Surgery #2 is fast approaching so I have been busy trying to fit in my “to do’s” before I am forced to take it easy during recovery.  I can handle the surgery, the staples in my abdomen, the nasty road map of more scars, the pain and the medical stuff… what’s hard for me is the anxiety part…  trying not to think “am I going to wake up to more bad news?”  I have dealt with a terminal diagnosis, but my timeline has been … let’s say…. negotiable. (that’s the way I am looking at it)  The doctors told me I have 2 years left of living after discovering the cancer on Dec 14, 2009….. crap… I have used up a big part of that 2 year period already…. the past 6 months have passed so quickly.

I keep saying to myself…. as long as I wake up from surgery… I can handle the rest.  Let’s hope I can walk the talk.

Life was sure in the fast lane yesterday (and I love it)…  my home nurse was due to visit me at 10 am.

So before 10:00 am hit, I had vacuumed the pool, did a load of laundry, cleaned up the kitchen, cleaned up the bathroom, showered, fed breakfast to myself and to C.J., swept the pool deck and cut the grass.   When my nurse Vanessa arrived for my weekly check up, my blood pressure was normal.  Now that’s the Karrie I know.  No time for cancer, and no time to be a “patient” just yet.  Vanessa left at 10 am., and my neighbour Sher met us at the front door.  It was time for Sher to take me for a walk.  Exercise is good and I love the fresh air.  Rick calls my friends “babysitters”… I think it’s funny.  I am very strong right now since chemo break started on April 15.   Sher gave me a ride to the office so I could share lunch with Cindy & Andrea (it was Andrea’s last day of work for start of summer break), Rick met us at the restaurant too.  Sher treated me to my first porche ride !   A beautiful little black convertible masterpiece.  Thank you Sher !  For a few moments on the short ride, I kind of felt like Thelma & Louise. Needless to say that Cindy & Andrea were surprised to see us pull up in the sporty car.  I arrived back home after lunch out and spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool with another “babysitter”, Wendy, a dear friend.  On Wendy’s way home, I asked her to take me to emerg. because my family doc was on fasttrack duty…earlier in the morning I woke up to strange spots/blisters on my face so I went to seek treatment, turns out it’s just a random infection I attracted as my immune system is low (this kind of thing was not in any of the fine print that I received in chemo training, ughhNew june C 2006 002), oh well, I got the medical crap out of the way during this busy day of mine and then I headed off to a late dinner with Rick… got home at 9 pm, it was raining by then, had to put my lawn mower away and bring in my gardening play shoes and realized I needed to head back out again to get my prescription filled.  Bed time soon approached and another day in the fast lane was complete.  I imagine the next couple of weeks will be much like yesterday.  I like it, like being busy, the time will come soon enough when I have to deal with cancer again when surgery day arrives, and after my incision heals it’s back on the chemo train for another 3 months minimum.  I am hoping we can do chemo longer so I can zap the crap out the cancerous cells looming in my body.  I want to prove who is boss in this “relationship”, sorry… no equal partners here… you are not invited… you meaning cancer.