Well it’s about time…

Yeah !!!  I finally figured out how to add photos to my posts.

I am embarassed to admit that I am technically challenged. 

I hate reading instructions,  I would rather have teeth pulled with no freezing.

I get so frustrated and so impatient so I do it the hard way ( I have a bad habit of doing things the hard way, just ask Rick, it drives him absolutely nuts !)  LOL !   I just played around with the web site until I got it.  Hope to share some more pics with you soon.  Text alone can be quite boring and we all know that pictures say a thousand words.  I’ll keep working at it.

This picture was taken on my 40th birthday, which was also Mother’s Day this year.  It was quite a special day.

I was my Mom’s first baby, and I was born the day before Mother’s Day…. just in time !  Love you Mom!

This photo screams “girl power” to me.  Lots of strong women in this pic.

From left to right…. my Mom LynIMGP0259May 9 -2010, Aunt Sue, me (sporting a new wig), my baby sis Cindy, Aunt Ricki and of course two of my beautiful nieces, Kennedy and Brooklyn.  The teddy bear that Brooklyn is holding is a special gift that Mom had made special for me.  You see, my Mom’s Mom (my Meme, Hazel Tanner) passed away 5 years ago.  We were very close.  She was my second Mommy.  She lived with us for many years and she was a person that was “always there” for me.

My grandfather whom I never got to meet (he passed away when my Mom was a teenager), gifted my grandmother a beautiful mink shawl in the early years of their marriage.  It was extremely special and sentimental to my grandmother.   Mom decided to have this beautiful fur piece made into this teddy bear for me so that I will have something from Meme to comfort me and to remember her in a special way.  Included with this bear was the last gift that I had given to Meme, which Mom wanted to return to me.  It was a bottle of her favourite perfume.  So whenever I need to be with Meme for support on this new journey of mine, I spray a little of the perfume on my mink bear, take a big sniff and a little snuggle to have something to hold on to and Meme is with me, and more than just in spirit.  The picture on the right is the last photo we had taken with Meme, one month before she passed away at 92 yrs. of age.  My brother Dave and sister Cindy are included in this photo.  Rest in peace Meme.  One day I will see you again with open arms.