“I can blow bubbles like big kids do”…

DSC04900July 2005 003IMG_0083







…. spent the day with one of my nieces, Brooklyn, who just turned 4 years old.

Two pony tails, two water wings and two kids….. kids meaning Brooklyn & myself.  I felt like a kid all day.

Yes, Brooklyn has made it to the list of my “babysitters”….. she did a great job!

We dropped off her Mom at work and headed out to run errands (thanks for the use of your car Cindy!)

It was rainy, and we arrived home for lunch and a little Franny’s Feet cartoon and then it was nap time.

The sun came out after she woke up from her nap and she couldn’t get in the pool fast enough.  Brooklyn has always affectionately called me “Kucka”, even though she can say Aunt Karrie and knows who Aunt Karrie is.  Guess she named me right!  I think it’s adorable, and I am proud to carry the name “Kucka”.  “the sun came out Kucka, now we can go swimming in the pool”…. we played, splashed, jumped in & out, did twirly circles…. “I can blow bubbles like big kids do”….. “catch me”….. “watch what I can do”….. “I can do it all by myself”….. “I need a little push”…..

Hmmmmm…… almost every word out of her mouth, each phrase, is exactly what I have been saying to myself lately “watch what I can do, I can do it all by myself”… but yes I admit… sometimes I need a little push and a little help.  Too ironic.  

After our swim it was time to get Brooklyn in her soccer outfit… “Timbits” team name, her shirt is more like a dress… timbit for sure!  Too cute.   I got out of my wet clothes and put on the longer hair wig…. “I like your hair Kucka”…. I felt like a million bucks.  “I love you, you are my best girl ever Kucka, can I come for a sleep over to your house sometime?”… “can I sleep with you in your bed?”

My day ended with her at supper time, I headed off to see Rick at the office for an hour to catch up on the day and then my brother Dave picked me up and we headed off to see his son Austin (who is 8), my nephew, my God son, play soccer.  When we arrived at the field, we met Michelle my sister-in-law and my niece, Caelan, who is 6.

We had a nice visit while watching the game… Austin is a great little player, he has the same energy as his Daddy, the coach likes him to play defense, however if given the chance, Austin is right up there at the net, just itchin’ to get his first goal of the season.  At break time all the kids came by for popsicles, it was Austin’s turn to supply snacks… I was so jealous…. for a moment I wanted to have orange stains all over my face from cheek to cheek just like them….. why is it not acceptable for a 40 yr old like me to do that?  Not fair.  Caelan is so cute right now, missing front teeth, new shorter hair style and the same freckles that I grew up with!  Austin also has these same freckles.  I wish I could spend more time with them…. I want to pull them out of school for the day and hang out with them, but time is running thin…. surgery coming up… will have to wait until August after I recover.  Maybe we can go to Canada’s Wonderland and yes, if my butt fits in the kid’s rides, I’m in!   At the end of the game, Austin said to me “I like your new hair do Aunt Karrie”…. again, a smile on my face…. even the kids try to make me feel good and what I like the most is that they “say what they see and feel” and don’t hold back.  

I am so proud to be their Aunt Karrie.  I want nothing more than the opportunity to see them grow into adults. 

I want them to be old enough to remember me and at the same time I want them to be young enough so that it doesn’t hurt so much when we have to say good-bye.    (way to go Karrie,  now you made yourself cry, time to close this post and shake the tears off, no time for pity party, get your act together and live for today, you have things to do & people to see)DSC05009DSC02861DSC01800DSC04973

I love you kids !    

Austin Roy  (8 yrs)

Caelan Roy (6 yrs)

Brooklyn Sykes (4 yrs)

Kennedy Sykes (1 yr)Oct 11-2009 Thanksgiving 006