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Thank you…

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Dear Mom….   Thank you for driving me to London “numerous” times from January until now…. whether it be for chemo, a doctor follow-up appointment, etc., etc.  I really appreciate you.  I have to say that sometimes the best times we share are when we just turn up the music loudly in the car and just sing along.  The fact that neither one of us can sing is quite amusing, but you  know what?  We give it our all and do our best!  Just like one of your favourite songs by Jully Black states…. “On a Monday I’m gonna love ya, and on a Tuesday I’m gonna hug ya….and on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday…. I’m gonna….”


Dear Sher   (my neighbour, my friend)….. thank you for driving and joining me at a doctor appointment this past Friday.  I am glad that we have become friends and I enjoy “talking” with you….. neither one of us seem to be quiet for too long (perhaps never?) and you really make me laugh…. you are an inspiration to me, and I think you are one special lady.  “Life is a journey”… and I’m glad you share it with me.  Hugs !