Dear Cancer… part 2

So… you think you have an upper hand do you?   NOT.  

Just because surgery is delayed for 2 days, doesn’t mean that I have given in to you.  It has given me a little more time to be stronger and even more determined to kick the crap out of you.  Just so you know, I went to another Zumba high energy dance class last night, did some laps in the pool, etc.  (and you think I am supposed to be dying of cancer?)   Ha Ha, you make me laugh, you are so stupid!  You suck and you won’t slow me down for long or get me depressed.  Besides, I graciously accepted the postponement of my operation so that my surgeon could give one lucky  person a new liver yesterday.  I bet you don’t like that either do you?   We are better than you, we are united and you stand alone.  The doctor is top notch and he and his team are going to help me get rid of you, or at least slow you down.  I wish you could look into my eyes to see what you are up against…. and by looking me in the eyes does not give you a green light to invade my soul.   That area is off limits.   See you soon… I am so ready !!!


ps.  You might want to pack up your crap, because I am going to burn whatever you leave behind. The chemotherapy rainstorm is coming soon and I will not provide you with a warning siren.   IMG_0218IMG_0259