Home again…

On the road again…. made the hour trip home this afternoon with ease, topped up on pain meds first.

It was nice to spend some alone/catch up time with Rick and to greet our lonely dog C.J. at the door.

Those crazy docs said I would be in hospital for 2 weeks ! Silly people…. it’s 5 and a half days post-surgery and here I am blogging on the darn computer already.  I want to thank everyone for your well wishes, prayers, etc.  I believe they work.  I am missing 70% of my liver, and stopped count of the staples in my abdomen once I reached 40, but Dr Quan says I’m doing good and I’m not arguing with him.  I am hoping now that I am home I can get some good rest, couldn’t sleep in the hospital.  I was in a special room with 3 other patients where two nurses are in the room at all times, checking your vitals and poking at you every hour on the hour.  The nurses were great though, no complaints.  I made two new friends.  My bedside mate was Clarence and his wife was always there with him.

He had just gone through the same surgery as I had back in December.  I encouraged him and told them both that in a couple months life will be back to normal and he will think it was a breeze.  I would guess him to be about 60 years old.  I gave them my brief history and they also encouraged me back.  He said that if I can remain positive with a terminal diagnosis, that gave him the drive to fight hard to recover quickly too.  They only found pre-cancerous cells in his colon, but he has the NG tube out of his nose/stomach like I did and he was given a colostomy.  I felt terrible for him and only cried my tears once our divider curtain was closed in the middle of the night and I could hear that he was breathing heavy and having a good sleep.  (didn’t want him to see me upset, had to be strong for him and for me… yep, crying sometimes keeps me strong, lets me get the negative feelings out)  Because I was doing well, they moved me to a quieter room for my last night, but I still didn’t sleep, my back hurts from doing nothing and I can’t lay on either side yet, will be a few weeks before I can.  I think I was still on the same rythym of being woke up every hour.  I walked down the hospital hall to visit Clarence and his wife one more time today before Rick picked me up to bring me home.  I hugged them both, we both cried some tears “of happiness” and wished each other a speedy recovery.  I have added them to my Earth Angel list.