Follow-up visit

I am sorry that I haven’t written in a while.  Basically recovering from surgery and taking it easy pretty much means that there is not much new to talk about, therefore I’ve been kind of silent.  I understand that everyone is curious on how I am feeling so here goes:

My days pretty much consist of doing not much at all, very light housework, lots of t.v. and reading and basically just hanging around  (I suck at this, I work best in a stressful, busy environment).  Recovery has been slower this time around from what I can remember from my first surgery.  I am very numb with nerve damage on the outside of my abdomen, all of my pain is internal except for the part of the incision that opened up.

 My whole abdomen feels very heavy and very tight.  It’s almost as if it doesn’t belong to me anymore, it’s very hard to describe what I feel physically when I rub my hands over my tummy.  I think it’s because the main core muscles were cut and nerves too, so lots of internal things need to heal.  Approx 2 weeks ago now, I developed a severe grabbing pain on my right side just below where the liver is/was located, kind of in the kidney area.  It hurts to take a deep breath, to sniffle, to cough, to talk loudly, to sit straight up and most of the time it’s painful to lay on my back or my side.  I thought the pains might go away in a few days, but they didn’t, so I have learned to listen to my body and when Rick and I went to my first follow up visit to the surgeon in London yesterday I mentioned the pains to him.  He ordered an ultrasound, bloodwork, etc to see if he can pin-point the cause, he speculates at this point that it could be an internal abcess (a collection of fluid) and if the ultrasound confirms this he may need to put a drain into my side to release the fluid.  Can you say… yuck?  My Mom took me back to London yesterday for the ultrasound so I should know early next week what the result is.  I have had a few ultrasound tests in the last 6 months and I like to pretend that they are mini massages, this one was not so pleasant.  The technician had to rub the wand over my entire incision area (including the un-healed part) even though it was covered up with a dressing, plus she had to press into the area on my side that has been causing me the most grief lately.  I didn’t complain, but it did hurt, actually hurt so much that I waited in the car afterwards while Mom went into a store (we did a little shopping after the appointment).  I am a reformed shop-a-holic, but still do enjoy shopping. (so am I really reformed?  I doubt it, but I’m trying)  You know I am hurting when I don’t even want to “just look”.   I am now at the 4 week mark post-surgery.  Basically this is half way to recovery.  The surgeon and his assistants keep reminding me “you have had a massive surgery”, it takes time to heal.  I believe I may go mental before the 8 week mark gets here.