Getting to work…

Let me begin first and foremost by saying “THANK YOU” to everyone that contributed to my fundraising efforts for the Relay for Life -Cancer Fundraiser this past June.   This week I received a thank you card in the mail from the Cdn. Cancer Society office here in Chatham.  I am so proud and honoured to report that as a collective, my “Earth Angels” teams raised a grand total of $22,709.00.   Yes, that’s right….. almost 23 thousand dollars !!!   Can you believe it?  It just goes to show you that all it takes is one person with an idea to really make a difference.  Not everyone is lucky enough to receive such an overwhelming support system as I have and words cannot express just how thankful and truly grateful I am for everyone’s hard work.  This was the first time I have ever tackled such an adventure!  I encourage you to do something that you have always wished you had time for.  Just go for it, even though life is “busy”, you will truly benefit in more ways than one just how great it feels to accomplish it.  Stop putting it off for another week, another month or another year.  Our tomorrows are not promised.

If you would like to participate in next year’s event, the date is Friday June 17, here in Chatham.  I have already registered my team “Earth Angels” so that I can get a head start in fundraising efforts again.  If you think you personally have 5 or 6 people or more that would like to join in with you, I invite you to create a second team Earth Angels “2”.  The more the merrier, or you can join my team if you prefer.

It’s simple and easy to register.  Go to and search by my name or by team name. 

I would appreciate your creativity on fundraising ideas.  Even if you don’t want to necessarily join in on a team, I would appreciate all of the help I can get.  If you have a fundraising idea please email me with some suggestions, or if you want to do your own thing that is great too!  I have a few things planned already, but haven’t set any concrete dates yet, just waiting on doctor’s orders.  Anyone like to Zumba?  Get your dancing feet ready… because as soon as this body heals up and I can move around like I did before liver surgery… I am planning a Zumba fundraiser!!!