Making the time…

Thank you to friends Mary Ellen & Patty for our special “making the time” lunch date.

I worked with these 2 ladies for approx. ten years in photography.  We were referred to as the “picture ladies” as we travelled every day to another school to take photos of students at the elementary school age levels ( 4 years – 14 years )   Depending on how many students attended the school, we would average taking photos of 100 to 225 students each, in one day.  Two photos per student, that’s a lot of pictures… and a lot of smiles.  We did this every day.  Mary Ellen and Patty are still photographers to this very day.  I quit approx 11 years ago when Rick hired me on to work with him.  It was a great job to try to capture the best photo I could of each and every child and to make each one of them smile.  You have to be quite creative at times, or I probably should say “put your self out there and make an ass out of yourself” especially for those scared little 4 year olds or the “I’m too cool” older kids.  It was a challenge but how many people can say that their career is based on making people smile every day, all day long?  Not many.  It was fun. 

I worked with Mary Ellen and Patty as well as several other woman who all have remained great friends.  I feel like we created our own little picture lady family.  Although we don’t see each other very often, they are always on my mind.  I care deeply for each friendship I made and kept.  We can go for months and even years without seeing or hearing from each other and when we do finally meet up, it feels like it was just yesterday that we last connected.

Mary Ellen and Patty and I set a date to make time to have lunch with each other.  We went out to the Lighthouse in Tilbury where the restaurant is right at the water’s edge at the mouth of where the Thames River meets Lake St. Clair.  We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon, had some great talks, watched the boats, the geese and left all the “busy” behind back home.  It was a “time out” for the three of us.  Thank you dear friends for a great afternoon and for keeping my brain and my spirits occupied while I wait for my body to catch up to me.  Every day I heal more and more physically and as far as mentally healing, “we” are doing a great job in that department. Cheers !

ps.  This is totally off topic, but thank God for great wigs!  The one that I am wearing in these photos is my favourite.  It’s hot as heck in the summer heat, but I instantly feel good when I put it on, not to mention, it never gets frizzy and I don’t have to spend an hour straightening it either, it’s just wash and wear!  I don’t feel or look like a cancer patient when I put my hair hat on.  Rick and I have named this wig “Kristin” (she is the fun one)  Guess maybe I should bring Kelly out of the closet and let her have some fun too (she is the average every day girl), shorter hairstyle.  She is fun too, but not as fun as Kristin.  It’s fun playing dress up as an adult…. I think every woman should go out and buy a wig, just to mix it up once and awhile and have some great fun with it!   It’s great to mess with your friends, when they are looking for one version of you and you show up as another!  Hmmmm… who will I be tomorrow ?