Thank You

Thank you for allowing me to be completely open and honest during my journey.  This blog has been the best gift I have ever received. (thank you Rick)  It allows me to get things off my chest and out of my mind and truly helps me with the healing process on an emotional level.  I know sometimes I can offer information that is very personal, but cancer is real, it is very real and very personal.  My hope is that if I can be open with any and all information that I have experienced and faced in cancer-land that it will help others that may be on a similar journey.  We are all affected by cancer in one way or another, some more than others.  I believe that by sharing my story completely and un-edited may shed some light on some questions that perhaps you may feel uncomfortable asking me in person or asking someone else that you love that is fighting cancer.  I am an open book.  Some people may not understand why I am putting myself out there, but it’s not about me, really.  It’s just about a woman faced with a terminal diagnosis and how she is dealing with it, one day at a time.    

Below is a photo of my “happy place”, in Cozumel, Mexico… a small island near Playa del Carmen & Cancun.  I hope to return there again and dig my toes in the sand, this time I am sure I will be reflecting on many other memories, experiences, and looking into those gigantic waves of pure power hoping that I can continue to be a strong as they are. 

spring 2005 102