Dose of dizzy…

Ok…. so …. sure my head has certainly been spinning since diagnosis, but now I have a team of 12 specialists spinning their heads too.  It’s getting dizzy here in cancer-land…. I have become a medical mystery…….  only one other person in the world that has documented the same case scenario and results as I have.   This time I wish there were frickin’ statistics to base a decision on…..   I am not at a dead end, but I have a choice to turn right or left… open door #1 or door #2….. do I place my bet on red or black… or bet on even or odds…. the unknown… the what if ?   The choice is mine.   Will I make the right decision?  This is the one time in my life where I wish someone could just tell me what I have to or need to do and I’ll do it…. no questions asked…. but only I can do what I feel is right.  The doctors say it’s up to me now.  The “tumour board team” voted and it was an even split.   I am going to get real acquanited with the blue sky tomorrow as I float in the pool and “think”…..  try to get to the core of my inner strength, my fighting spirit to make a decision and most importantly to stand behind this decision and be confident and have no doubts that is the right direction to take. 

ps.    I want to mention again at this time just how important it is to take your health into your own hands and get tests done, whether it’s a stress test, a mammogram, a colonscopy, a physical, whatever the test you think you should get done, just do it and don’t put it off any longer.  I am so happy that my friend had the colonscopy done today….you see, he didn’t have any symptoms at all, he was just curious and did the test due to his own family’s history.  The doctor found some polyps and removed them instantly, today.  If he didn’t have this test done, those polyps could have turned cancerous and deadly.  This is how colon cancer starts.  If you remove the polyps, you remove the words “you have colon cancer” from your life.

Update to the paragraph above …. note I received the following note by email from my friend that just completed his coloncopy…. these are his words as follows:  (note, I love the last sentence…. I think I may have t-shirts printed up with this !)

“Hey Karrie,

I have no problem with you sharing my story. Everyone needs to take charge of their own health. Feel free to use my name and my experiences. If anyone is sitting on the fence and knows I took the step to protect my health mostly because of my dad and what I have seen you go through. If someone wants to talk about it I’d be glad to. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! There is no shame in gaining the piece of mine from having a colonoscapy, had I not gone who knows what the polyps would have turned into, and now with them finding the 4 myself and my doctor will check me yearly.

You told me many times we’re going to kick Cancers Ass…..Well I started with mine! ;)  “
I would like to add to this note that he is only 40 years old also….. most doctors will not send you for a colonscopy until you are 50 years old, and even at 50, you still have to request one.  Had he waited another 9 years to get his first colonscopy test…. I am afraid of what his future would have been…. I imagine it would be very similar to what I have gone through for the past 8 months, due to the fact that he has family history with cancer…. but hey… I was only 39 at diagnosis and absolutely NO FAMILY HISTORY….. take charge !!