Some angel visits…

Do you believe in angels?  I do.  They are everywhere.  Some of them I know.  Some of them I have never met…. but they are with me.  Today has been a special angel visit day.  I wonder if these things all happened today because I think I have finally made my decision and it’s a sign of my angels telling me it’s okay, it’s the right path?  I would like to believe so.

I went for a morning walk today after a healthy breakfast and I passed an elderly man who was looking down as he walked, he wasn’t looking straight ahead.  We were heading toward each other and he stopped when we crossed paths so to speak and he looked directly at me as I said hello with a kind of strange look to his eyes that he was surprised that I acknowledged the fact that he was there and we were sharing a sidewalk.   I always say hello to people I come near to, it’s polite and besides you never know what kind of baggage they are carrying with them.  (Do they have cancer too?  Have they lost a loved one?  Lost a job?)  He said, isn’t it a beautiful day today?   You have yourself a great day!  I replied, you bet, the sun is shining, it’s warm and we’re out walking and enjoying it!  Our connection was brief but his comment of “have yourself a great day”, really did start a chain reaction.   I am glad that I opened my mouth and said hello to this nice man.

I arrived home, freshened up, checked my email and left to run a couple of errands and stopped in at the pool store.  Rick was there and was speaking to a man who looked to be a sales rep from a prospective supplier.  Rick said to this man who I was introduced to as “Clarence”…. this is Karrie, I don’t think you have met each other yet.    Hmm…. I am seeing a theme here….. I am remembering my dear friend Clarence that I shared a hospital room with in London when I had my liver surgery 10 weeks ago.  I wonder how he is doing today?  Anyway, back to the (new) Clarence.  He said it is so nice to finally meet you.  I want you to know that me and my family have been praying for you.  All I could think was “wow”.   It gave me goosebumps when he told me this.  They must belong to my angel team.    Strangers that know of me and they pray for me. 

Next I ran into Reg, a friend of ours, roughly the same age as my Dad.  I always get “hug therapy” from him.   I think that hugs are the best medicine.  Have you hugged anyone today?  I’ll share a private note with you….. this is how I get my positive energy vibes.  Partly to kick cancer’s negative thoughts, and partly just to be kind and express my admiration for people.

Went to the dry cleaners and the lady at the counter says “Oh, it’s so nice to see you out and about.  You look great !  (she likes the shoulder length wig that I was wearing today)  I have nick-named this wig “Kelly”.  (the every day, carefree girl look)  Kelly is fun to wear.  I have been wearing the longer hair wig for the last couple of weeks because Rick likes her look better, she is nick-named “Kristen”.  I don’t know what made me choose to wear Kelly today, but if you read on, it might make sense?  Is it a coincidence or was an angel guiding me subconciously?

Next stop was Staples/Office Depot.  I picked up a journal book to keep track of what I eat every day and to keep track of my exercising too.  Keeping myself in check and to stay on the right path towards being healthy.  As I left the store, there was a big bin of those darn push buttons.  You know that ones?  You push the button and it talks to you.  “That was easy!”.   I am thinking to myself….. yeah right…. this decision I have to make…. is it really that easy?  I kind of chuckled sarcasticly inside my head as I looked at those buttons.  Why did I turn my head and look at them as I left the store?  An angel sending me a sign?  This didn’t occur to me until just now as I create this blog message.

When I arrived home, I checked my email and went on Facebook to see what my friends have been up to and I came across the most special, unique gift.  My cousin’s wife whose name is Kelly, sent me the following message that I have copied and pasted for you to read.

“Since it is my birthday today, and I can do anything I want with My birthday wish , I giving it to You Karrie. Make it a good one and don’t tell anyone what it was or it won’t come true. Maybe this will help you in your futrue decisions”

I replied back to Kelly expressing how very thoughtful she was to be thinking of me on her special day.  I am honoured.  I plan to light a candle tonight in her honour and I am going to make a wish.  “Our” wish.  I am sure that everyone will know what I am wishing for, but I am not going to say it out loud because I do want (need) it to come true.    I am just going to close my eyes and exhale and go to sleep, hopefully to wake up with a firm decision.  

Thank you to my angels who visited me today.  I will stay tuned to you…. but I just have to ask….. how lucky can one woman be?  How much can I ask and wish for?   Thank you for your guidance.  I will light a candle today and hopefully it will illuminate the path so bright !