Some emotional healing…

Last night before bed I decided to go for a swim, it will be time to close up the pool soon for winter so I am taking advantage of the nice weather.  I feel like my summer just started.  The night was so beautiful that I just feel the need to share.  In our busy lives we are all guilty of “I’ve got to do this”, “what time is it”, “I’ll relax later”, “I’ve got to go here, need to go there”.  Not any more.  I’ve learned that “lifestyle” the hard way, a lesson I don’t intend on repeating.  I still do all of the above, but I am learning to find a balance.  Anyway, let me paint this picture for you.  I was so relaxed (this happens so very rarely for me), on not only a physical level, but for once in a long time, on an emotional level also. 

The sky is dark, stars are plentiful, the steam from the warm water is drifting up into the air all around me.  I am in the deep end supporting myself with a pool noodle.  I am so still that hardly a ripple of water moves across the pool.  The water is all lit up from below and the light reflects all around the wooden fence that surrounds the yard.  I am watching the airplanes high above and wondering where the passengers are headed to.  The geese are flying overhead and I can faintly here a few crickets still.  Fall is coming.  My golden retriever C.J. is laying on the pool deck supervising me. Music playing softly in the background and I look at the beautiful full moon in the sky that is providing me with a quite a night light.  As I am gazing at it I hear a couple of songs that made me giggle inside.  I swear the radio DJ knew I was out there or something.  I am hearing “I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can…..”  and the next song has lyrics that go “take your broken wings and learn to fly”.  I realize at that moment that I have not thought about “living with terminal cancer” at all.  I am not thinking of anything really.  I am simply enjoying the moment, my beautiful surroundings and am so grateful that I am able to find “Karadise”. 

I owe this all to Rick.  Thank you.