Lead by example…

Being the first born child to my parents, and being the oldest sibling to my brother and sister I grew up with the notion that I must lead my example.  You know, monkey see, monkey do.  I am confident that I provided both good and bad examples of leadership, but no one is perfect, however I am proud to admit that I showed my brother how to cleverly and very carefully close up a bag of cookies so that it looked exactly the way it did before he would sneak a few cookies out for the two of us to share.  Mom will never know !   (Boy we can be so stupid sometimes !)  You must admit though, that cookies taste so much better when you know you aren’t supposed to have any and you have successfully become a talented sneak.  Now I wonder if my brother’s kids do this to the bags of cookies in his cupboards?  I sure hope so.

So my dear friends and family, joking aside… I am writing today to share what I accomplished this morning.  Once again I am leading by example.  However this time I know it is a great example.  You see, I woke up this morning with a mission.  A mission to have an opportunity to say “screw cancer” in a whole different way other than chemotherapy and surgery.  I am choosing to fight cancer the “easy way” today.   I packed up my “girls” and went on a short road trip.  I wore my best pink lace bra, pink sweatshirt and pink bandana on my head (to cover my still ugly hair), painted my toe nails pink and headed out the door. 

First stop was to the lab to get some bloodwork done (a check up that I insisted my family doctor do for me).  We are checking in to quite a number of things, just to be pro-active to avoid any other health issues.   

Second stop was to the hospital.  I was on my way to my very first mammogram.  I admit I was nervous about it because it was my first one, but there was nothing to it.  I felt a wave of confidence as I was changing out of my clothes into the gown.  The gown was a bright pink colour and of course the opening had to be at the front instead of the back like I have been accustomed to wearing during hospital stays.  It wrapped around the waist with a white tie up and I thought to myself it resembled what a person would wear to a martial arts class or work out.   To amuse myself, I did a little karate chop wave in the air in the change room before I exited it and waited for my name to be called to get the mammogram done.  Fuck you cancer !  I am in charge today!  A few little squeezes and shyness aside, it was over in 10 minutes.  I have to tell you that’s the best way to fight cancer.  TEST FOR IT !!!   Ten minutes compared to two major surgeries and chemo !  Heck ya !  To be honest the toughest part of the whole ordeal was paying the $5.00 parking fee for my quickest trip in and out of a hospital.   I felt great on an emotional level while I drove home, top down on the car, music loudly playing and underneath it all, my comfy, fancy pink bra!  I think I am going to wear it more often, not just for special occasions.  (like anyone sees it anyway, but I know that I’m wearing it!)

Arrived home, sat down for some lunch and turned on the computer to catch up on emails and facebook.  My friend Dana sent me an email that touched me.  She asked for support with her fundraising efforts.  She has just completed chemo with her second battle of breast cancer.  She is the same age as me.  She is participating in the CIBC Run for the Cure for Breast Cancer next week.   Since I declared my day as “screw cancer” day, her email came just at the right time.  I didn’t delete the request, I went directly to the link to her personal fundraising page and yes, I donated.  I may not be fighting breast cancer, but I am fighting cancer.  WE ALL FIGHT CANCER, even if you aren’t fighting it now, you may become one of the unlucky people who will in their life time.  Why not fight now instead of later?   I am tired of waiting “for another day”.  

I feel so strong today that I am getting my butt outside, holding my chin up high and I’m going for another good long hour walk today.  I am going to try out a new pedometer that I just bought…. how many steps will I travel today?  (wish I could walk to Bora Bora)    There I go… getting off topic and distracted again, but as you see, I don’t have time for cancer.  I am going to win, one step at a time!   Tests, donate, and go for a walk!    “Screw you cancer” !