CAT scan day…

Thank you to my friend Sherrie for sharing “Scan Day” with me.  If you have never had a CAT scan, let me be the first to describe the experience for you.

Well 1:40 pm was my appointment time.  Time to drink a pitcher of orange flavoured “kucka”.

(The straw helped get it down)  Nurse says you have 45 minutes to drink it.  So I played nice and drank it all as ordered.  Yuck, but I have had to drink worse things, so no complaints really.  Not to mention, nurse says…. if you have to pee the bathroom is right over there!   Yeah, no holding it.

Please remove your clothing and we’ve got a nice gown for you to wear.  Hey, this time I was given pants to wear too!  Now that was different, too bad they didn’t match the gown, but oh well.  I was then moved to another area where a male nurse (I’m getting lots of male nurses in this trip in cancer-land, and I kinda like it)  Nurse Marco’s turn to poke me and insert a catheter into my arm so the technicians can inject some radioactive crap to light me up internally for the scan. 

Karrie-Ann, (my health card name, or my “your in trouble” name), it’s your turn, you can leave your shoes on and have a rest on the table here, get comfortable and I will adjust the pillow for you.  Note the “table” is the part of the huge CAT scan machine that slides back & forth with you on it, while you get your “pictures taken”.  (and yep, I smiled for the camera, well, inside my head anyway).  I know, I am strange.  I just want some good shots, with no signs of cancer, so if a smile helps me get this result, I was gonna give it my best grin. 

Please leave your arms above your head, you will soon know when we give you the injection through your IV, as you will feel the following sensations.  Yep, they weren’t kidding…. I have to pee, oh wait, I already peed, or wait, I think I am peeing now.  And no, I am not being silly this time, you see the stuff they inject into you, gives you the sensation that you have or are wetting yourself.  Wierd.  I also felt like my chest area was really warm like a little bon fire had ignited, but it was over as quick as it started.  A voice behind the walls says…. take a breath in…. hold it…… hold it….. crap, I am a non-smoker and for some reason I can’t hold my breath for very long, felt like I was probably turning blue, but I made it through.  This holding your breath repeats a few times while the scan is being done.  Ten minutes and the whole process is over.

The scan is the easy part, it’s the waiting game, the scanxiety that sucks.  Three more sleeps until the results are given to us….. I would rather count how many sleeps until I get my ass to Bora Bora, but I’m not sure if I can count that high.  LOL !  

Dear Lord… please give my ears some great words to hear, and if you are a game player, please see what you can do to get me the “get out of jail free” card.  I promise I will play nice in the sand box.  I will make a difference, just give me some “more”.