Trick or Treat?

Happy Hallowe’en everyone!   I will take a treat this time…. no more tricks this year please.

I have had enough of those for a while.

Well maybe, wait a minute now…. I guess I can hand out the tricks right?  Keep these doctors wondering why she isn’t dead yet.  Boowhaa!   Boowhaaa !   

Hey Cancer….. did ya get the memo?

Yep…. I am kickin’ your ass and I am going to brag while I am in the lead….. don’t want you ringing my door bell any more…. move on because I’m not leaving the lights on for ya!   I am saving all the tricks just for you sucker!   It’s my turn for some treats… and I’m not referring to the sugary ones, I’m talking real life good treats like “no pain days” and “hair re-growth”

ps.  Screw you because I look better with eyebrows!   Now I can make that cross, stern look.

Gosh that felt good.  🙂