Oh that hurt…

Yesterday was a super day, have to admit, it sure was nice to wake up this morning… with the same “bad” attitude and the “ritual” of course, but with a much deeper inhale and exhale. 

I went to my weekly Zumba dance/exercise class last night and after the class I was all warmed up and I just had to do a cartwheel.  A very, very rusty one however, but I did it!!!!   And just for insurance, I did one more after it.  My body is paying for it today for sure…. was not easy on the abdomen..still only at about 75% since surgery.. been a long haul…. but it was easy on my mind, and in my head, it was the most graceful cartwheel ever! 

Enjoy your day friends!   Thank you for your continued prayers, positive “pushes” and healing thoughts…. they are working!