I’m paying attention…

So I just had to post this.  It may not be of any significance, but I’ll share anyway.

I always will have my prognosis in the back of my mind, it’s actually my daily driving force.  “You will likely have 2 years, and only 8% survival of 5 years.”  Ok, swallow.

So….. I have to say that I am paying attention to everything.  I think I’m actually going kind of coo-coo.   Earlier this week I took Rick’s Mom out to do her banking.  She does her business at a different bank than I do.  I helped her in because the snow makes things a bit too slippery for her and I don’t want her going down on my watch, she means the world to me.  She loves me like a daughter and I love her the same, actually more.  I’ll get to the point now.  

So I walk in the bank and all around are these huge signs, one at every teller, one at the front door, one on the wall, they are everywhere…. and what do they say?  In big bold letters….


I am not kidding you… this is exactly what the signs say…. I didn’t even look at the fine print, it was obviously some kind of banking promotion, but I couldn’t get past the obvious words… Ughh…. I know those signs have nothing to do with me or my “situation”, but crap, I can’t help but pay attention to that.  No to mention that they were all in the colours purple and black.  Just a bit too ironic, since black has always been my colour but lately I have been on a purple kick. 

So am I going crazy?  It’s okay to say yes, because I think so.  Are those signs a test just to make sure that I am paying attention and not getting side-tracked or too confident that maybe I can beat the frickin’ statistics?  Trust me, I am aware of the biological clock and it’s not the one that most of us women talk about.  Make every day count my friends… I am !