Pictures speak louder…

Well, another lab day has come and gone…. what a pain.

Soon I will be off the darn warfarin meds.  I can’t wait.

The port is out and the original scar on my chest has been re-vamped.

It was a T-shape, now it looks like a cross, I call it my blessing mark.   Apparently there was more scar tissue than usual, my doc said that my body absorbed it quite good and it was a bit difficult to get out, he had to make a larger incision, no big deal, it hardly hurts but I still feel for the darn piece of equip in there even though it’s gone.   The stitches are out and I just have a tiny bruise still.   Small stuff to deal with.

So the next plan is to gear up for February.   It’s going to be a very busy month.

Scan day is Feb 11.    The CT scan will look at my chest, abdomen and pelvis to get a really good look.  With colon cancer I am told that when it metastisizes, it spreads to the liver first (we’ve already dealt with that), then it spreads to the lungs.  So if the cancer has re-appeared, it will likely show up in my liver again.  And if it’s in the “right” spot, then surgery on the liver may be an option again. Yikes.  If it comes to this, I will certainly do it without hesitation, but I have to be honest, it isn’t going to be easy.  These last 2 operations have taken a toll on me.  More operations will take longer recovery times.  I know I will never be the same physically, but my determination will always be there, so whatever I have to do, I will do it.

If the scans come back clear, then I am headed for surgery anyway.  This time it will be to reverse the colostomy.  I am looking forward to this….going to hurt like hell and it scares the heck out of me, but again… I’m going for it !!!   Lots of appointments to -deal with in Feb, from pre-op to pre-admin to scan days, bloodwork, family doc appt, etc.  It sure has been nice having a bit of a break in  January, but back to business.

Till next time… will keep you posted.