Back to reality…

Happy February everyone!

Well, I have been enjoying a little time off from this cancer trip.  It has been great!

I am feeling really good, strong and “healthy”.  Feels weird to use that particular word.

February is renovation month for me.  It’s time to put my big girl panties back on, tie up my shoe laces and start kicking some cancer butt again.  This month is full of doctor appointments.  If all goes well, the big surgery day for me is booked for Feb 24.  The day that I hopefully get my body back.  I call it my renovation project.  I am not looking forward to being knocked down and laid up again, but I will deal with it. 

Like with any construction job, things get really messy, destroyed and ugly before we can transform the project into something beautiful and worth sharing.  So I will work hard to do a great job.  I sure wish I was the one to be working with the tools of the trade, wish I could be the contractor to stare the ugly mess right in the face and say good riddance, let’s get to work!  Let the fun begin!