Rate your pain…

My home care nurse Erin asked me the usual questions yesterday… appetite, sleeping habits, etc…. and also asks if I have any pain.   I answer the same all the time, everything seems to be in working order, I am feeling great.  Pain?  What pain?  The only pain that I have felt since my diagnosis a year ago is the pain of recovering from the 2 surgeries.  I am confused, really.  Here I am told that I have terminal cancer and yet I have not experienced any cancer pain.  I am not complaining at all, trust me.  I am sure that cancer pain has to be awful, hence the high dose of morphine drip that most cancer patients receive when they are near the end.  I guess I am just trying to wrap my head around things.  How can I possibly be sick?  Fricken’ cancer messes with my mind and I hate it.  So I am just going to keep inhaling and exhaling and thank my lucky stars that I feel so good lately.  I want to win.

Tomorrow is day one of visiting cancer-land again.  I am headed to one hospital for the pre-admin stuff where they tell you what they are going to do to you during the operation, your recovery time and the best part is being told you can’t vacuum for awhile.   Then off to another hospital in the afternoon to meet with the hematologist… if all goes well, then I will offiicially be finished with the warfarin which will be a good thing.   I will be medicine free !!!   Only supplements and vitamins going down the hatch until surgery.

Only one more sleep till scan day.