Time to exhale…

Well I met with my surgeon on Monday and we talked about the “possible” operation.

He kept repeating the word “major”.  This is a major operation.  I am not scared, despite his reminders of what lay ahead for me.  He will have to cut through the very first incision which was a biggie and it might be tricky for him to get his work done with all the scar tissue.  He also said he is going to take a good look at my liver to see how it has regenerated.  (oh great, more scar tissue digging in that area too, but I am curious also) Sorry to get so graphic, but this is real life.  I don’t sugar coat anything.

I feel like a wellness warrior and I am not giving up or giving in.  In true survivor fashion, (which airs tonight on TV..yippeee !!!)… I plan to outwit, outplay and outlast this damn cancer monster.  It’s not welcome in my tribe.  My fire will never go out.  I have the hidden immunity idol…. my soul and fighting spirit!   Any my fellow team-mates are in my back pocket (you..my Earth Angels) and I don’t think you will vote me off the island any time soon.  (well maybe if I keep asking for donations to the Cancer Society, you just might?) Sorry to get off track there, I am blogging while I am watching Boston Rob.  LOL !

So my check up/check in appointment was all done and my surgeon gave me high five (knuckle) version and see ya next week!    I left his office feeling hopeful that we are able to proceed with the operation.    Only 3 more sleeps until I meet my oncologist to finally hear the scan results.  If results good, then I am heading for the operating room, if results bad I am leaving the cancer clinic with no baggage and I am headed for the airport for a trip somewhere away from reality. 

So flash forward to the events of today, Wed Feb 16.   

I met with my family doctor today for the pre-op check up with her.

She asked how I have been and I told her that physically I feel great but the scanxiety is really getting to me.  I feel like I will be holding my breath until Friday when I get the scan results.  She says….. I can help you with that, I have the results right here!

Let’s just say… I am so friggin’ happy today!!!!     All clear for surgery.

Holy crap!  I survived another 3 months with no return of cancer !!!   I just can’t believe it.    So the next plan of action is to get ready for construction to begin!  It’s time to renovate this body again!   OMG!!!   I just may beat the odds. It’s probably premature to think this way, but it is positive thinking and so far it’s working for me….. for us!  My first goal is to make it to the 2 year point.  One hurdle at a time.