I have arrived…

… HOME !!!

Thank you to everyone that visited me in hospital, the phone calls, text messages, thoughts & prayers, gifts, etc.  I am so loved and grateful that the operation was successful yet once again.  I have quite the recovery ahead of me but I am up for the challenge, that will never change about me.   Third time is a charm.  Well, not really but what else would be appropriate to say at this time.   Oh maybe this…

Dear Cancer… in case you haven’t been keeping score…

Karrie — 3

You  — Zero

Maybe it’s about time you give up?  I would think so.

There that felt better to get that off my chest, because I have been keeping score.

A normal person would not blog about their hospital stay but I have a few stories to share as usual.

I will be posting them soon, stay tuned.

xo Karrie