I am awake…

I just opened my eyes.  Boy it’s bright in here.  Where am I?  Oh yeah, I just had an operation.  I am so warm, I feel really good, just sleepy, I am at peace.  I am surrounded by blankets, I am comfortable and I feel no pain.  My head is the only thing outside of the covers.  I am awake so this means I did not see the light and I did not go to the eternal shopping mall.  I made it through the operation!  I want so badly to feel by abdomen to make sure the colostomy area is no longer, but I can’t mentally go there yet plus I don’t think I can feel my arms, or can I?  I don’t know, but what I do know is that I feel completely at peace.  I feel great. 

I am in the recovery room.  The side rails of the bed are up.  In enters Rick and my Mom.  I am trying to focus on their faces but it’s difficult.  I know their voices.  I don’t even know if my eyes are open while they are talking to me.  Am I even talking back to them?  I remember something being said about the two of them sharing lunch together and a food fight?   Huh?  I must be drugged up pretty good.  Wait a minute… lunch?  What time is it?  Last I knew it was 8:00 a.m…. boy I have been here  a while, I hope everything went well, I am concerned for only a second and I drift out.  Or am I dreaming all of this?  Are Mom & Rick really here?  I am so confused.   My eyes are open again.  My surgeon is beside my bed.  I have no idea how much time has passed.  He gives me a high five and tells me the operation went very well and that he also took out my appendix and some other part with a long name that I cannot make sense of because of my highly drugged state.  He said it’s nothing to be concerned about.  He took the appendix & this mystery part as a safety measure because of all the scar tissue he saw he felt it would be beneficial to remove them now as I will be very prone to hernias now and he wanted to save me from having any future surgeries.  I am thinking to myself, what a great guy and I say thank you out loud.  This is all that I can remember about the first few hours in the recovery room.

Oh.  I am now in my room.  How did I get here?  Room #222.  That’s weird.  I am seeing a theme of two’s today.  I was #22 down at registration.  I was the 2nd operation scheduled for the morning.  I was now in room #222.  I had 2 visitors when I woke up.  I had 2 procedures in one, my head is spinning, those are some good drugs.  Am I sleeping or am I awake?  I am so very itchy, from my toes to the top of my head.  Why am I so itchy?  Yikes. (I learn later that it is a side effect of morphine and that I don’t have bed bugs crawling all over me) 

I do not feel any pain at all.  I think it’s night time now because it is dark in the room.  Rick is in the room with me.  Hi buddy, sorry was I sleeping?  Looking back I realize now that this is all I remember about day one.  However Rick says that I was very funny.  Throwing out one-liners left and right and cracking funnies and just being comical.  (I don’t think of myself as being a funny person so I am even more confused now)  He said that I told him that I feel great and that I am ready to go home.  I vaguely remember Nurse Tracy and Nurse Mike tending to slim jim (my nickname for the IV pole, my dancing partner).  The humm of the IV pole while it fills my body with nutrition and medicine is so comforting, it has a soothing rythym to it.  Are my eyes closed or are they open?  Am I sleeping or am I awake?