Back to bed…

I do apologize for my silence the last several days.  For some reason I just seem to focus on tomorrow all the time because I naturally want to move forward.  I am so eager to get back to normal… well my new normal anyway.

Where was I?   Oh yeah… I am in the darn hospital bed still. 

I am told I will likely be here for 10 days to 2 weeks.  Yikes.  My goal is to get out of here in 7 days.  We will see.  My bed side mate is Joan.  She is a very nice woman and we are sharing a semi-private room.  We chatted often even when we both had company.  Between my family & friends and her family & friends, we all got along just great.  Joan is th woman that I initally met down at registration before the operation and she is also the same woman that was ready in the pre-op area before me because my veins were not co-operating.  I found it kind of ironic that we ended up sharing a room especially since we had become friends earlier that morning.

This surgery was all about the number two for some reason.  It kept appearing everywhere and of course I took notice of it and looked too deep into things.

We were in Room #222

I was the 2nd operation that morning.

I was given 2 years prognosis.

I was having 2 surgical procedures in one.

I had 2 guests on surgery day.  (Rick & my Mom)

Okay so I am looking back at my notes, and must remind you that I was heavily pumped with morphine.  So much that I was hallucinating big time so my notes are only kind of making sense, but here goes.

My legs feel great.  I have these massage things strapped to my calves.  They will be on for a couple of days.  It’s for circulation and blood clot prevention.  Can I take these home?   The odd nurse pops their head in the door and says to me.  Karrie, do you know that word on the street here in the surgery unit is that you are a walking miracle?  Wow. 

So of course I know that I am one very lucky woman at present.  I have been beating the odds.  I can’t help but think to myself… if I am so friggin’ special, then why can I only get ice chips?  No water to drink, nothing.  Just me and ice chips.  Oh well, time to stop being a pain in the ass, I have to let my bowels heal before I can let them do their work.  (good thing that I didn’t know on day 2 that I would be chomping on ice chips for 5 days straight)  It was not fun to smell Joan’s meals get delivered to her 3 times a day.  I would joke with her and I would insist that she describe each of her meals to me.  She would say right now I am having such and such.  Oh this is good, or yuck this isn’t very good.  She was honest and I enjoyed my pretend food with her.  What a good roomy!   Joan also took the heat for things when the nurses came in to the room.  I blamed everything on her.  We both joked about it.  Since I was unable to get out of bed yet and she was walking on her new knee, it was easier to blame things on her.  Like too much noise, ringing the nurse’s bells all the time, the IV poles needing attention, and so on.

I have this contraption that I have to blow into.  It’s a way to bring lots of air and oxygen into your lungs.   I blow on this tube (well I have to suck air in).  I have to inahle enough air to get these 3 plastic balls to rise up.  I managed to get 2 balls up by the time my hospital stay was over. 

I have lots of good channels on the t.v. to watch and I can focus enough to send and receive text messages on my cell phone.

Tomorrow my goal is to try to roll onto my side and get my butt out of this bed.  My back is aching.  I am a side sleeper.

Rick surprised me a few weeks ago with an authentic Survivor bandana for my head. (from the reality t.v. show)   I am wearing it today along with my wonderfully stylish blue hospital gown.  I am starting to embrace the term survivor.  I think I may just be one.   Rick also surprised me with some of my very own business cards.  They are beautiful.  They are black and show the picture of me taken during chemo but I do not look sick at all.  I am wearing my long hair wig and a black bandana.  The business cards promote fighting cancer with my efforts in raising money for the Relay for Life and my Earth Angels team.  Thank you so much Rick !!!

Ok… so on to tomorrow, let’s get out of bed and get on with recovery so I can get out of this place.