Getting better daily…

Day 4 was pretty uneventful other than the fact that I finally got out of bed and starting walking the halls of the surgery unit.   One lap at a time, moving very slow but it sure is nice to be upright again.    Most of the day is spent in bed but I try to get up every 2 to 3 hours and walk a lap and then back to bed.  I have received several visitors and the TV has been the biggest company.  I graduated to popsicles.  Still technically a large ice chip but at least the popsicles have flavour. 

Day 5 — If I had a dollar for every time a nurse or doctor asks me if I have passed any gas yet… I would have a nice handful of bucks.  However, my body has not been co-operating.  I thought for sure that this would have happened shortly after surgery, so did my doctor.  When I had my colostomy, passing gas was not an option.  It just happened, no holding it in, no control of how much or how little noise you make, nothing.  Sometimes out in public it could be embarassing (but only around people that didn’t know my situation).  The noises didn’t happen very often because I learned really quickly a year ago which foods created problems with my plumbing let’s call it.  I have been waiting for a year to be able to be normal.  Who would have though that farting would be something that a person would miss?  Well I did miss it. 

Mid afternoon of day 5, my surgeon met me while I was on my little walk in the hall.  He was happy that I was out of bed and being active.  Again the usual question… any gas yet?  I said no.  This patient is starting to get inpatient.  He said he was starting to get inpatient too, but suggested we wait one more day before getting excited.

Well I made it back to the room, back to my bed… oh nice new fresh bedding, the nurses are so great to me… I manage to get in and out all by myself now.  I just breathe through the pain and discomfort (remember I declined pain meds) and once I am horizontal I am happy, no pain.  I feel a little feeling…. could this be happening?  Am I actually going to make some noise down there or am I going to mess up these clean sheets?  Oh heck… I am going to try, my dignity left the equation a long time ago!  I DID IT !!!   I am making music now friends!  The way it’s supposed to happen.  The operation was successful !   I immediately sent some text messages out to some family members and only a few close friends… the message read “toot toot”.  Everyone replied with some sort of funnier reaction.  Who would have thought that being able to fart would be something so huge to celebrate?  Too funny.   Well “the music notes” kept playing for some part of the night and before I drifted off to sleep I sent off one more text message… “wanna pull my finger?”.  I was having too much fun laughing at myself… but everyone was celebrating with me.  The nurses were keeping track too, on my dry erase board, everyone was in great spirits.  Now maybe we can graduate to pudding or clear broth tomorrow?   Then the next test starts.  Potty training at age 40.   Who would have thought?

Day 6…. my first real food.  I ate half of an egg salad sandwich at bed time.

Day 7… doc says I can go home.   I am a bit nervous only because I have not been able to have a bowel movement yet.  He said not to worry.  Things are happening a bit slower with you, but remember you have been through three major operations to your abdomen within a year, give yourself a break, let your body heal on it’s own terms.  Rick came to pick me up early afternoon.   The fresh air felt so fantastic.  I couldn’t wait to get to my own bed, my own home and especially to see my dog again.  We have some catching up to do.