Home is where…

We all know the saying, Home is where the heart is.

Yesterday was a day of hanging out with 2 pretty little girls, my nieces Brooklyn and Kennedy (DeeDee), ages 5 and 2.  Needless to say it was a busy day and the whole day I was saying to myself, my sister is a super-hero.  In fact all Moms are.   I had fun, we had fun!  I sure felt like a 41 year old, about 10 minutes into the day. LOL !   I had planned for a pool day, but the weather didn’t co-operate.  So we took a drive out to Blenheim.  My home town where I grew up, population 4200.  Nice quiet town.  We stopped in and visited Nana Lyn at her work for a quick hello, and then continued on to visit Papa Roy, the girls picked a few flowers for themselves out of his garden.  In fact Brooklyn babysat the beautiful red rose all day long.  It was just the flower in full bloom, no stem.  In the car, it had a special place in the cup holder in the front seat so it would be okay.  She would put it behind her ear, then she would hold it for awhile, then she would stare at it and admire it’s beauty and at times I would watch her taking in the biggest sniff of it’s fragrance.  All the while I am thinking we really should all take time to smell the roses.  I think way too deeply into things.  But when you stop and think of this simple rose, it’s beauty, when you compare it to holding life in your hands, we all need to take more time to treasure it’s beauty and how fragile life is.  One day our petals are strong and vibrant and then the next day a huge wind storm comes and either blows them away or just wilts them.  Yep, we all know what I am referring to again, that friggin’ cancer similarity.  Ughhh.  However I can happily say that I am not feeling wilted, I am blooming beautifully and I smell great!  LOL.  Well at least until I get the scan results next week.  Scanxiety messes with your head, big time.

So upon leaving Dad’s place (Papa Roy)… I asked him, Hey do you have twenty bucks?  (I hate asking Dad for money and rarely in my life have I asked him, it felt strange)….he looked at me with one eyebrow raised and said Yeah, sure why?  I giggled and said thanks for supporting me for the Relay for Life tomorrow.  He shook his head and smiled.  Off we went to visit more family.

We pull into the driveway of my Uncle John & Aunt Elise.  My Dad’s brother.  They are also my Godparents and I have always been close to them.  Ironically they were out doing their gardening and of course the 2 little girls I had with me were certainly eyeing the colour surrounding them.  Yep, more flower picking and smelling.  Kennedy is the same size as the decorate goose my Aunt has at her doorstep and she was hugging it like it was her long lost best buddy.  We had a nice visit there too, the girls were making us laugh the whole time.  We did the garden tour and stopped by the wishing well in their backyard.  The girls were wearing matching outfits and I just had to take a few photos of them by the wishing well.  I jumped in for a picture with them.  While we were posing, Brooklyn whispers, my wish is that my flowers will grow, I wish my flowers will grow.  Gulp.  Here goes the C brain again, yep, I wish my flowers will grow too.  However my flowers are my healthy cells.  A different kind of bloom.  Sniff, sniff, shake it off, treasure the beauty of the moment, two little peanuts (I call them peanut sometimes) on my lap and I hit Uncle John up for twenty bucks for the Relay too.  Am I smooth or what?   I have a new job now, I am CEO of SAVE MY ASS  INC.    Part of that job entails raising money toward cancer research.  Every dollar counts. 

We continued on driving and I decided to take the wrong way home on purpose.  It was getting close to lunch time and I was thinking with my stomach and I went to a couple of places that always give me a sense of home.  Home is where the heart is and my heart was loving Pardoville’s Farm Stand with fresh fruits, veggies and home-baked goodies.  Freshly baked cheese bread… Oh my God !  We continued on and stopped at Delhaven’s Orchard Farm and picked up some delicious apples and crunched on huge apples all the way home.  Sticky girls, all 3 of us, great way to kill a rainy morning though.  We could have stayed indoors and watched Doodlebops and Dora the Explorer all day, but I chose to spend time with family instead.  My sister is super busy with her new position at work (my old job) so she doesn’t get as many opportunities to take the girls visiting.  So I helped her out.

Of course I was a bad Auntie and picked up the girls each a McDonald’s kid’s meal before we arrived back at my place.  I set them up in the living room (yes, carpet), in front of the t.v. , they used the stair in the step down living room as their seats and I pulled the coffee table in front of them, it was picnic time.  I so wanted those french fries, but I behaved and ate a fresh salad from veggies that we had just purchased at the farm stand.

It was nap time.  Brooklyn fell right asleep in the guest room.  Her special bed she calls it.  DeeDee was in the loft living room in her play pen.  She got herself into it.  Right before my eyes she was standing beside it as I was walking toward her to lift her in and then all of a sudden she did some kind of arobatic move and up and over she was feet in the air and landed in the play pen all by herself.  What a monkey!  I shook my head and we both laughed at what she just did.  I think she surprised herself too.  DeeDee is let’s say the “active” one of the two girls.  She did not fall asleep so quickly.  I made it downstairs to finish up my salad and I hear, Kucka, sucky!   Kucka, sucky!  (Kucka means Auntie Karrie)  Her sucky of course fell out of her play pen so up the stairs I go to retrieve and clean it for her.  Down the stairs again I go….. just got comfortable…… Kucka, poop!  Kucka, poop!  Yep, my sister is a super-hero.  Poop?  Yep, I’m am pooped all right!  I had a great day, but the sad thing is that I think the girls are too young to remember this day when they are older.  It was so great for me to share the day with them and I really enjoyed them, I know they enjoyed me too.  I know this isn’t really much of an exciting read, but it’s just part of daily life, daily life living with cancer.  My goal today with this post was to put this memory down on paper so that if and when cancer wins this battle, that the girls will get a chance to go down memory lane with me and remember how much I love them!