Summer break arrival…

Summer break has officially begun for me.  I just arrived home from my doc in London.  Damn I feel good, scratch that, I feel great!  There is no better feeling than when the person who initially told me I was toast a year ago, told me today to enjoy my summer!  She gave me a thumbs up, she smiled really big and said see you in September!  I didn’t get those sad puppy dog eyes.  Hooray!!!  I don’t mind paying a $10.50 parking fee to hear that kind of news!  There a few minor issues she explained to me, but I am not going to dwell on those right now, I am celebrating the major stuff.  The major part being no medicine, no needles, no operations, no packing wounds, no nothing!  The summer is all mine.  I am going to keep this post short & sweet today because I am too excited to type, but I do want to share the great news.   Time for me to put on my Nike’s and go skip around the neighbourhood, maybe I will whistle too!   I really need to wear off the ice cream cone celebration I had once I received the good news.  I know, once an emotional eater, always an emotional eater.  Soul food does the body good and I feel it’s justified since my pants are so loose these days that I don’t have to un-button them to take them off, I call them my sliders.

Dear Cancer, I don’t know how many times I have to tell you.  I am the boss. 

That’s right.  Me !  There is no position available at Save My Ass Inc.,  for you.  

No one wants to work with you, so you really should just retire and rot.   I will not support your development.


The Boss Lady