Happy Canada Day!

Have A Sexy Day ! (Colorectal Cancer Awareness Campaign)

Happy Canada Day! What a great country we live in–with free health care to help keep our butts Sexy!  I am so grateful and proud to be Canadian.

Last year at this time I was in a whole lot of hurt.  Just home 3 days after liver surgery, a very swollen abdomen full of staples, a very shaky uncertain future, plans to start chemo back up, a summer of staring at a pool I would be unable to swim in, a summer of gardening that would have to be neglected,  being home alone recovering while everyone carried on with every day life and feeling like a big useless tit …..  I am so grateful to celebrate this Canada Day!  I am alive !

This afternoon, I am just hangin’ out in Karadise for some blue sky therpay after a ride home from the most awesome concert in Toronto last night (more on that later)…  I picked up C.J. at my Dad’s… she had another sleepover at Papa Roy’s while I was away…. on the way home, we took a detour and I surprised my girl with a trip to the beach.  My old girl absolutely loves the beach however walking in wet heavy sand and fighting the waves takes too much out of her.  She hasn’t been there for a few years, but with Kim’s dog passing last week, I just had to take my girl one more time to her fave place.  Ten minutes was all we both needed.  I love making memories and making the most of our time together, and seizing every moment of things I want to do and making the most of my time of better health too.  

Cheers Canada!