My favourite words…

I stumbled across these two fun words today and thought they would be fun to share… so here goes… “Cuck Fancer!”    Well now aren’t you proud of me?  I don’t know why I didn’t come up with that myself before now.  Well yes I do.  You must admit that it’s much more liberating to actually say the bad words out loud.  Hopefully this version of my two favourite words are a little more friendly to those of my friends that get tired of my potty mouth when I talk about cancer.

The words couldn’t have come at a better time.  Today I enjoyed an afternoon with one of my biggest cheerleaders, and she knows who she is but chooses to remain anonymous in fear of being deemed a bad mommy for leaving kids at daycare for a couple of hours while she actually did something fun for herself…. Until today, she had never been for a ride with me in my fun car… or is it “cun far”?  My cuck fancer car.  My toy.  My huge impulse buy after diagnosis.  We cruised topless to the beach in Erieau this afternoon, sweaty girls for sure, 90 degrees outside, dipped our toes in the rough wave shore for a few minutes, took some photos of the beautiful day and scenery, whistled at a couple of cute young men and then headed straight for the Hot Diggity Dog stand and endulged in deep fried oreo cookies.  The side of the hot dog stand said “The Dog House”.  I found it humourous.  It was also funny how the guy had a tip jar at the window.  It was a bare butt with legs in jeans.  Of course you would insert your coin tip into the crack of the butt.   Here I am saying all the time, that I work at my new company called Save My Ass Inc., and here is this cute butt staring right at me while I am endulging in a super bad treat.  Soul food. 

And it doesn’t end there.  Ice cream chaser!  Bad girls.  I blame her, she blames me.  Oh well…. cuck fancer, girls just wanna have fun, and that we did.   Thank you for the memory girl, let’s make it an annual tradition!  Love you more than you know  xo