I’m in shock…

I have no idea what is wrong with me.  I am not jumping up and down, I am not screaming as loud as possible.  What the heck?  All I can say is that I must be in shock.  I’ve been setting myself up for the last few weeks for the worst possible scenario and hoping for the best.  I guess I chose the right pair of big girl panties to wear today to the cancer clinic. 

The CT scans came back clear, but the bloodwork results are yet to be reviewed.  All signs point to two thumbs up.  Rick says to my oncologist today, “Can you please tell her that she is okay so that she can move on with life?”  Let’s just say if you don’t ask, you don’t get.  She said to us that she isn’t worried, so I shouldn’t be worried.  She is so pleased with how well I am doing!  This is the same doctor that told me my left expectancy would be two years.  That two year anniversary is two days from now!   I think I am going to make it!  Now as long as a bus doesn’t run me over between now and then, I can officially say “F You” to cancer!  (although I say it many times each and every day inside my head).  I have prayed so hard to beat the two year mark and so many people have prayed on my behalf also.  Miracles do happen!!!  She told us this great news about six hours ago and I’m still shaking my head in disbelief.  I am okay.  Oh my God, I am okay!!!  She wants to see me in another three months but holy crap I am okay!  I have to keep repeating it to myself so that it will sink in I guess.   

Now when I am asked if I am ready for Christmas, my answer will be  Oh heck ya!!

This is the best gift that I can give to everyone that supports me.   I am okay.

Merry Christmas to you my Earth Angels !!!

I cannot wait to start a new year with all of you.