Very Special Day…

Well…. I made it !!!

Happy 2nd Canniversary to me, or I think I would rather call it “2nd Re-Birthday” !!

I feel like a new person.

Stronger than ever before, at least mentally anyway.

Two years ago I was told I wouldn’t likely see today, so I am celebrating life today by carrying on as usual. No special celebration, just living life. I am so fortunate to be here I and think sometimes I am dreaming.

Dear Cancer,

You took some things away from me.

14 inches of my large colon

70% of my liver

my gallbladder

my appendix

you gave me a colostomy

you messed up my pretty belly button

you gave me quite the road map on my abdomen

you gave me a scar on my chest


Thank you for showing me that my circle of angels is stronger than you, that my determination to beat or at least manage you is stronger than you, that my will to live will never be penetrated.

Signed, The Boss Lady

ps. It’s my turn to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

2012 is going to be about taking care of me, not dealing with you.